Australian Fashion Week 2016

 Australian Fashion Week 2016 Street Style

There are 4 major events that every fashionista lives and breathes for every year – New York, London, Milan and most definitely, Paris Fashion Week! These glamorous, star-studded occasions receive the most media attention and public’s attraction; but now…its time to shine some spotlight on the recent Australian Fashion Week 2016 as well :)

The Mercedes Benz fashion week is an annual event that celebrates Australian fashion, as well as, unveils the latest seasonal collections by homegrown Australian designers. In every fashion week, there’s one thing we look forward to the most (besides the stunning runway designs) and that is the unique street style fashion offered by everyday citizens!! Here are some looks that we absolutely adore:


Australian Fashion Week 2016

These statement bell sleeves have returned once again and they’re pretty determined to remain the undefeated champs of today’s fashion scene. One look at these oversized flared sleeves; I am immediately drawn to it. This chick’s fashion week street style uses a clever mix of striped patterns in her dress and cute choker scarf for that good ol’ 1970s chic, paired so easily with what looks to be like a pair of classic ankle R.M Williams boots! #toocool



Australian Fashion Week 2016

If this is where Australian fashion is heading, I need to migrate there. This distinctive design has a high slit cut right smack in the centre of the dress, which some may find funny, but it really depends on how you choose to style it!! This lady pairs the loose maxi beautifully with fitting white capris and thin strap stilettos for that high-street chic look.


It’s finally time for some familiar faces, here are 2 Singaporean hotshots that were reppin’ this tiny red dot at the mb fashion show 2016 – Vetty King and Nellie Lim.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Vetty King Instagram

Vetty King adorned herself in a stunning emerald off-shoulder dress with speckles of gold detailing. Mini dresses are fabulous for showing off legs! Why not push it further by pairing it with nude boots that can make them look even longer and even leaner ;)

Follow her: @vettyking 



Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Nellie Lim Instagram

At first, I was like “wait…what is going on here???” As I thought there were too much details happening simultaneously – from frills, fringe, flower embroidery to transparent mesh, this outfit seems to be the mashup of everything girly. BUT somehow, Nellie makes this outrageous outerwear work with a sexy peek-a-boo black bralette that makes the outfit super teasy and with a hint of transparent boho vibe!!

Follow her: @nellielim 



Australian fashion week 2016

At first glance, she looks like a walking Popsicle HAHA. But just give it some time, this uniquely striped dress will definitely start to grow on you. Maybe it’s the turtle-neck or the colourful bold stripes or how the dress drapes all the way down to her ankles; this outfit is the spot-on definition of a retro outfit done RIGHT.



Australian fashion week 2016

This badass chick shows us exactly how to rock a black on black ensemble – ripped skinnies, a crop that preaches “GRL PWR” and to top it off, a signature biker jacket that is almost fundamental to create that edgy, rebellious vibe. #hawt #lovethislook

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