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Mandi Cheung

Mandi Cheung

Happy Humpday WYLDones, 

Hope you're having an amazing one so far!

Earlier on in the year I mentioned that we would be introducing you to the awesome people we get to work with including our models, make-up artists and hair stylists, designers, and fellow entrepreneurs. 

I believe strongly in building meaningful relationships with people both personally and professionally. It's so awesome to have the opportunity to work with fun, energetic, hard-working and passionate individuals who love their work and love what we do as much as us!

So I hope you enjoy reading about these fabulous people, first cab off the rank is our D-vine model Mandi Cheung 

Age: 20

Nationality: Singaporean

tWs: How long have you been modelling in Singapore? 

​Is this your full-time job? ​If no what is your other occupation?

Mandi: I stepped into the industry when I was 15, and worked a long way to get to where I am now. It's definitely not as easy as it seems! Yes, this is my full-time job! 

tWs: What has been the highlight of your modelling career so far? 

Mandi: Well, I would say one of the best opportunities I got was getting up close to David Beckham! Haha!

tWs: Has Modelling taken you overseas? If so where in the world have you travelled? Any favourites locations? 

Mandi: I am still working on a placement opportunity overseas, and hopefully I get a chance to! However, I was given a chance to represent Singapore in the Miss Chinese International 2014 pageant in Hong Kong, and modelling definitely helped me with the catwalk and posing.

tWs: The industry can be tough. Do you feel any pressure to look a certain way? What is your attitude or you thoughts on this? 

Mandi: It is tough! Firstly, I'm 100% Asian and I'm not very tall to begin with (170cm). I have to work extra hard in maintaining a slim figure to fit the industry standards. You have to be extremely disciplined in your diet and work out regimes. I'm always under the pressure to be skinny, but I do hope that the industry will be more willing to accept more than a size0 as it may push girls to resort to unhealthy means.

tWs: Who do you admire most in the world and why?

Mandi: My mum! She has always been most supportive in whatever I choose to do and she was also the one who encouraged me to be in the industry! My #1 cheerleader ;) 

If you refer to modelling, it would have to be Coco Rocha! The Queen of Pose wows me with her spontaneity on every set and how quickly she can change her poses and expressions!

tWs: One thing you absolutely love about modelling? And one thing you immensely dislike? 

Mandi: I love how modelling allows me to explore different sides of myself for different assignments, making me feel comfortable in my own skin! I love the job, but I really love my chocolate ice cream too! Hahaha! 

tWs: What is your definition of true beauty? 

Mandi: True beauty is being confident and comfortable in your own skin, and having a heart for others.

tWs: What music are you listening to right now?

Mandi: Sofia Karlberg

tWs: How do you stay in shape? 

Mandi: I work out 4-5 times a week, combining HIIT exercises with weights training under a personal trainer, and I follow a customized diet plan.

tWs: Your Top 3 pieces of advice for aspiring models?


#1(always) BE HUMBLE. Modelling is NOT your road to stardom. It is not easy and never be a diva - there's always someone better than you.

#2 BE STRONG. You are going to face countless rejections and criticisms everyday. Know that you are beautiful and never give up, and you will make it!

#3 BE-LIEVE IN YOURSELF. Need I explain more?

tWs: Describe your ultimate girls night out.

Mandi: Adventure. Spontaneity. WYLD.

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Have a fab rest of the day! 
Live WYLD live free
kb xoxo 

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