Behind the Scenes of our First Fashion Show

Hey guys! 
I'm a lifestyle/beauty blogger, Jodulu, and if you have been following me on Instagram, you would have known that I have been busy with theWYLDshop's launch of their first boutique and their very first fashion show!

theWYLDshop, Singapore’s destination for everything Aussie Chic in Fashion, had their Debut Fashion Show at f.Club Singapore last Thursday, kicking off the F1 Singapore Grand Prix fever!
I had special privileges to go backstage to bring you this!
An hour prior to doors opening, the models got into their respective outfits and rehearsed their walk! Being at the observing end, this moment brought up memories of my modelling and pageant days when I had to walk in heels for hours just to get all of my steps right.
Rehearsals are essential to ensure that not only do the outfits look right with the right heels and accessories, but also the entire mood/vibe of the show is liven up by the models' walk and attitude.

I've got a short clip of Actress/Model Liv Lo during rehearsal on my IG, check it out if you haven't!

Let's move backstage where all the chaos unfolds! If you have seen Victoria Secret's Behind-The-Scene footage before, you would understand to a certain degree the craziness that take place before the show. Here's some of our mini craze~
Photos Of Individual Model's Look, Checked.
This wall is vitial, it allows both the model and dresser to be organised and to ensure that they put on the right stuff on for their walk. Changing time during show is super crazy~ This helps a lot to ensure order.  
Inspirations Of Hair and Makeup, Checked.
Hairstylists from Blow+Bar Getting Models' Hair Done, Checked.
Oh! By the way, the plaits were really cool and it looks even better on Singapore's Fashion Influencer Nellie LimI concluded that it is due to the colour and highlights on her hair~

Makeup Artists from Blow+Bar Getting Models' Makeup Done, Checked.
Selfie/Welfie Moments of Models with Co-Founder Kara Bensley-Austin, Checked and Checked. 
And 15 to 30 minutes before the show starts, all the models would be in their first outfit with makeup artists and hairstyles going around to do one final touch-up!
I love socialite Tamy Vo from KalaClub's Punked Up Do~

And that's all for Behind-The-Scene at theWYLDshop's First Fashion Show! Stay tuned for the next post on the show and outfits! 
Stay Gorgeous!

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