6 Makeup Tips & Tricks for Busy People

Helllooo WYLDones,

Me again, Lusha, hope you guys are all keeping super well, safe and happy despite all that is happening. I've finally finished my follow up blog post re: Make Up Tips and Tricks for busy people. ( Mainly because my WYLD boss has to edit my work and that honestly does take some time lol;))

So previously, I shared with you a post on some cute make up looks that I discovered so far in 2020. They were varied looks but some involved some super intense concentration. So I do understand that there's many of you that don't have  hours and hours to spend doing makeup as there are Mumma duties to attend to, running errands and getting ready for ZOOM meetings or heading to the actual office! But your make-up and self care is still important and you want to look amazing in the least amount of time. Our WYLDboss Kb we think, has mastered this and in a future post she intends to share her "drab to fab" - run out the door - ready set go - Makeup Tips and Tricks! So watch this space for her post! 

As there many different ways to achieve a quick drab to fab look, I have spent some time finding some cool people on Instagram that show us ways to look amazing from base to full face that involves minimal time & effort but achieves maximum effect! 


First and foremost, your skincare routine is the most important step in your makeup routine and we are super pumped to announce that we will launching a new Local Brand of Natural Skincare - OASIS SKIN accompanying and complimentary to our WANT Skincare Brand that we have been carrying since we opened the store. OASIS is currently available in-store and we will be launching a curated selection from their range online on Friday.  So also watch this space or become a #WYLDONE and SIGN UP at the bottom right of our homepage HERE to our Weekly WYLD news to stay updated. 



For a quick and easy makeup look, my go-to is always a concealer either the same shade as my skin or a shade lighter to brighten up certain areas of the face. Place concealer under the eyes, a tiny bit on the chin and centre of the forehead, to brighten and bring forward these parts of the face.

quick makeup easy fast go-to

@amandaramsaymakeup shows off her quick and easy 5-minute makeup look, check out her ain't for more tips n tricks 

I like to conceal my undereye area, to get rid of those pesky eye bags from my lack of sleep! I also cover any blemishes to make my skin look "naturally flawless".

Now that we have a base down, I then will go in with a peachy toned blush, or even pink if I want to look more youthful. Blush is one of those amazing things that really make you look more put together and alive than if you only wear concealer. I place it a little above my cheekbones and across my nose to look naturally flushed. 

makeup easy face pretty quick

@ashghotcakess shows how blush can pull a look together.




Eyes are so important in any makeup look, and for those that are time-poor, they should be the focus. If I'm rushing out the door, ill put some tinted brow gel on my brows to give them a full appearance with half the effort, this is the "model off duty" vibe we love. 



Usually, if I only have a few minutes ill chuck on some brown or black eyeliner into the upper waterline of my eye, whack on some mascara and call it a day, but if I have a little extra time, I'll put a taupe or soft brown eyeshadow into the crease of my eye for some extra depth.

@allyssant shows how a little bit of colour on the eye can really brighten the face



For the lips, either a simple lip balm or a tinted lip balm would work. There are so many amazing tinted lip balms out, but I opt for a colour close to my lip shade

@jillyijoe shows a natural lip colour with this makeup look.


If you feel like doing the most, you could slightly overline with a shade similar to your natural lip colour and finish with a nude lippie. 

@thenewyorknest is wearing a bold pink lip, as a statement going out look 

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