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Hope you are keeping well, happy and are staying safe. As mentioned in the previous blog we were launching a new Local Skin Care Brand in-store and online. It's finally LIVE and it really is such a pleasure to introduce to our new amazing local skincare brand OASIS SKIN.

We have been carrying a curated selection from the wonderful WANT SKINCARE line for two years now and with our most popular products being the Hair Oil, Face Oil and Facial Spritzer we wanted to expand our offering and give you more options of complimentary products and that use ingredients that are sustainably sourced.  

During this time we have witnessed, heard and seen so many individuals who have had self-care way down on the priority list as there has been so much going on in their. We completely empathise and understand this is an extremely difficult time for many and Self-Care can be easily over looked and seen of very low importance while dealing in these extraordinary circumstances. 

However, if you do get a chance to take a breather from all the calamity happening around you, we urge you to take some time and look after yourselves as best you know how, even if it just means that you make getting more sleep a TOP priority, forget skincare routines or hair or face masks. SLEEP / REST is key. Having time to look after your hair and skin is a luxury for some and if you do get the chance to experience any of these beautiful products we do so hope they make you feel special. 

Here are our yummy new products  - enjoy!

Take care and Stay Safe xx

FYI, with every purchase of OASIS Skin you will receive a pack of 50 sustainable bamboo cotton buds with 100% unbleached cotton. 


Oasis is a homegrown, Singaporean beauty brand specialising in vegan skin and hair care products, making sure that everything is gentle on the skin. They have a range of products all with plant-based ingredients, kind to your skin and the earth. 


Organic Lavender Relaxing Toner Mist

This lavender mist is perfect if you need to chill out. It can be used as a pillow mist to help you get a better night rest as well. Apart from the amazing scent, lavender has healing and regenerative skin properties, perfect for calming sensitive or irritated skin.


Organic Geranium Balancing Toner Mist 

This toner rebalances the skins natural defences and replenishes moisture into the skin. Perfect in times of stress when the skin can be a bit off. Geraniums are known as adaptogens, meaning they are good for hormone-related PMS or crankiness.

Organic Witch Hazel Mist 

Witch hazel is an incredible anti-inflammatory agent that helps to clear blemishes and heal the skin. This product is made without alcohol and is not drying at all, with all the ingredients coming from nature, It is perfect for those with damaged/sensitive skin.

Organic Rose Toner Mist

Rose Mist works to tighten pores and rebalance the skins natural PH, perfect for soothing inflamed skin. This mist is super calming for sensitive skin and smells amazing. 



InstaGlow Brightening Beauty Oil 

This beauty oil is formulated to purify the skin while strengthening it at the same time, Its key ingredient is CHaulmoogra, perfect for the treatment of blemished skin. It heals scars and promotes the regeneration of skin cells, for a smooth and tight finish.

Rosehip Treatment Oil

Rosehip OIl is a magic product, it is used to treat fine lines, scarring and moisturising the skin, it really is a miracle worker! It is known and the ultimate restorative beauty oil, as it's rich in fatty acids and antiaging properties. Rosehip oil can be used on its own, or in combination with other skin treatments such as serums.


Green Facial Bar

This facial bar is just like your normal facial cleanser but, it a bar form. This bar is perfect for anti-aging and cell regeneration, Vegan oils draw out impurities while keeping the skin hydrated. It promotes a youthful and radiant complexion.

Organic Charcoal Bar

Activated charcoal is an amazing ingredient to detoxify the skin, perfect to clear out any imperfections and leave you feeling fresh-faced. The cleanser has tea tree, a natural antibacterial agent, Nigella Oil, perfect for retaining skin elasticity and antiageing. This cleanser is a perfect all in one for all your skincare concerns.


Vanilla Lip Butter  

This is an incredible multi-purpose balm, perfect for chapped lips, cracked heels and anything in between. The vanilla is sourced from a fair-trade cooperative in Mali. Organic cocoa butter is derived from Peruvian cocoa beans and is rich in vitamin E, making is an amazing moisturiser.



Organic Rose - Dry Hair Remedy Solid Shampoo

This solid shampoo helps to fix dry and damaged hair at the cellular level. it has organic rosemary and rose petals to conditions the roots and control fizz. It gently cleanses the scalp while restoring balance and hair elasticity.


 Organic Ginger - Hair Loss Control Solid Shampoo

This bar is formulated with special herbs to help combat hair loss, it has stinging nettle as well as Gotu Kola to help stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth.


Blue Pea Lemongrass Solid Shampoo

Blue Pea flowers are rich in bioflavonoids that fight damage to the scalp while also reducing premature greying and balding. Lemongrass helps to combat oiliness and break down dirt and debris. 

Lavender Solid Conditioner 

This Solid Conditioner helps to tame your frizz and is super soothing and hydrating. It contains organic oat and coconut milk to deeply condition and moisturise the hair to support strength and growth.


Seven-Perfect Hair Organic Serum Drops 

This hair serum contains 7 super vegan oils to help nourish, repair and restore the shine back into the hair. It can be used both at the end of the hair or as a pre-shampoo oil treatment.




The Facial Oil

This oil is formulated with botanicals to lock in moisture and help fight ageing. It can be used in the morning as a daily moisturiser, or as an overnight mask to promote absorption into the skin while you sleep.


The Facial Spritzer

Use this spray, to tone skin after cleansing, formulated with hydrating aloe, geranium oil and lavender. This toner is perfect to hydrate and soothe, and works for all skin types

Ginger Clay Scrub Mask

This mask is full of antioxidants. to help purify and detoxify the skin. help promote blood circulation to renew and refresh the skin as well. It is perfect for congested and oily skin. Can be used as both a skin polisher, just use the dry scrub on fingers and apply to face. Or as a mask when mixed with water 

Acai Moringa Coco Cleanser

This superfood cleanser is filled with goodness to help moisturise and soften the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and youthful. It can be used as a daily cleanser or as a weekly mask if mixed with the Facial Spritzer 

The Eye Oil

Treat tired and puffy eyes with this moisturising oil. Filled with incredible oils such as rosehip, jojoba and rosemary. this oil is perfect for soothing the sensitive skin under the eyes while reducing the appearance of fine lines.


Take a Breather Aroma Roller

Take a breather with this personal aromatherapy roller. Palmarosa, Bergamont and Lavender make this perfect when you need to take a second to chill out.
















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