Self-Care Tips for Beginners: You Deserve Happiness!

Heyyyyy, WYLDONESSS! How’s everyone doing?! It has officially been one day since restrictions have eased. I know it's been a bit of a challenge, especially for families who have only been able to go out in groups of 2. However, let's be grateful that we were still able to go out and about. Here at The WYLD Shop, we're definitely very thankful shops were still allowed to open. 

Before I get started, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Havel Bou, I am 21 years old and a soon-to-be sophomore at SMU. I have just started a summer  internship at the WYLD shop, in which I will be working on the shop floor at 412 Joo Chiat road as well as helping with their blog, social media and being the occasional WYLD mannequin for their eclectic mix of fashion & accessories (you may have seen me in the new arrivals!). I look forward to meeting some of you in store & on our socials, so please don't be shy. Come say hi 👋 anytime!

What really drew me to this marketing internship was the working environment here at The WYLD Shop. I know it sounds cliché but on the first day I stepped foot into the store and met Kara and the team, I just knew this was it. The aesthetics of the store, the excitement on Kara's face and the welcoming conversations - I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about if you've ever visited us. As someone who has a keen interest in blog writing and lifestyle fashion, I felt that I could and wanted to contribute to this team and thus, here I am! That reminds me... ah yes, easing of covid restrictions.

While it is exciting to finally meet some of our friend groups again, let’s all try to stay safe and vigilant so that we can look forward to even more exciting things… e.g dining in restaurants! Two years ago, that statement would have sounded absurd. Never could we have imagined that ordinary day-to-day experiences such as dining out, going to the gym or watching a movie at the cinema would become luxuries that one couldn’t buy even if they had the financial means to do so. Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has changed the definition of "normal" completely. What is normal anyway? For many of us, transitioning and adapting to that change is a tough process, especially in coping with the psychological tension and interpersonal risks that extend beyond the apparent negative economic and health impacts of Covid-19.

Some of us may be feeling anxious about going back outside to work and socialise. In-person socialising feels both “exciting and alien” at the same time. If you find yourself feeling this way, remember that you’re not alone. Anxiety is something that can be experienced at any age - from teenagers doing home-based learning to mums struggling to juggle work and kids. I’m pretty sure most of us would choose a messy bun, comfy sweats and a dim candle-lit room for the ambience over harsh, white office light and preppy attire any day! The transition from the comforts of our homes to crammed and shared spaces shouldn’t be easy for anyone. To help you out, I found an article from The New Yorker that very well explains and rationalises the anxiety we feel. 

 You may have also found yourself in a state of inertia - unmotivated and perpetually tired from doing absolutely nothing. It’s hard enough to get out of bed, let alone fix yourself a proper meal, so you end up munching on junk food and food delivery… and then you feel too full to exercise and proceed to feel guilty about being unproductive, putting on weight and spending too much money on food. When your head starts running, you then decide to sleep it off and the whole cycle repeats itself again. Sound familiar? If you can relate to whatever I just said, I feel you and get in because we’re on a ride to recovery together! 

I am by no means a self-care guru but here are some tips & tricks that I found useful and incorporated into my daily routine to keep myself active and (decently) happy.

1. Getting enough sleep

Log onto any beauty & wellness blog and immediately you’ll see reminders to GET. ENOUGH. SLEEP. And here are 3 reasons which should be enough to convince you to do so:

  1. It helps in weight management (something to do with hormones and their impacts on your appetite)
  2. It is crucial for concentration and productivity (DUH!)
  3. Sleep improves your immune function

If you have trouble falling asleep, you can also try listening to podcasts, audiobooks and downloading meditation apps! Here are some recommendations from our lovely #wyldboss, KB:

2. Eating well & exercising (But don’t OVERDO it)

You don’t have to be cutting carbs off completely or doing intermittent fasting unless that’s your jam. Sometimes strict diets are not for everyone. If you’re new to healthy eating or just want to be more conscious of what you put into your body, try cooking a few simple healthy meals and giving yourself indulgence meals in between! Take it slow and believe in yourself! Here's a little something I made for lunch:

Healthy Meal Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs

As for exercising, you don’t need to be hitting the gym every 2 days. Now that gyms are closed, you can try alternative forms of exercise such as home workouts and just walking or jogging in the park! Remember not to over-strain your muscles and give yourself time to improve. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

3. Accessorising your living space 

If you’re working from home, you might as well make it conducive and comfy! Level up your living space by adding decorations or scents that get you in a good mood.

Lucky for you, dear WYLDones, you can find these accessories right here on our online store. And… THEY’RE ON SALE!!! ( Until 23:59 16TH JUNE )




4. Taking care of your skin

While the outcome of having good, healthy-looking skin is important, I personally enjoy doing the whole routine the most because it’s just so therapeutic. The feeling of a facial roller against my skin… ah.

Here's one product that KB swears by and has been using ever since we stocked in the brand:



Anti-aging and Rejuvenates
Suitable for ALL Skin Types
can be used as both a Day Moisturiser  and Overnight Face Mask

OASIS Rose Quartz Facial Roller

5. Icing on the cake

And last but not least, a lil icing on the cake. Indulge in some intimate life pleasures that will leave you with good vibes only... if you know what I mean. ;)



Bonus Tip: Set Your Alarm One Hour Earlier To Reduce Your Risk Of Depression (Interesting Read!)

If you ever feel anxious or down and need an injection of positivity or just want an abundance of daily on-the-go affirmations to keep yourself in check, here's a list of Instagram accounts that I find helpful, curated by yours truly.

Check out:






And with that, I wish you all the best in your self-love journey. What are you doing for your mental health this week? We'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up via our Instagram @thewyldshop

With love on behalf of the WYLD SHOP crew,


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Such a good read! Will definitely pick up some of the tips and looking forward to seeing more content by Havel😜

Divya Shanaz August 11, 2021

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