Bar Rouge Girls Night Out Launch: The WILD Side

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Happy New Year WYLDones, (hehe I know.. it's 1st Feb!!) 

Honestly, the blessing is very very real for me and this year and I am not going to be afraid to share it ALL (not sure why I've been so afraid and anxious, it's kinda hard to put into words) but I hope by taking some loud and clear actions, it will help convey what I am trying to say... in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Firstly, the blessing is real because we are still in business and I have all our loyal customers aka my #WYLDones to thank for that. The 3 other key ingredients attributed to the blessings of this nature would be my crew ( those who work for WYLD (i.e Loo & our Interns aka Alexis '16 and Shona '17) the collaborators         ( those who have worked with WYLD i.e makeup artists, hair dressers, models, our international and local brands, venues we have popped up in) and lastly the consistent support of Family and Friends.  

Without these 4 crucial things WYLD wouldn't exist.... SO I am beyond grateful...Being an entrepreneur is bloody hard work. And you really don't know what to expect until you give it a go and it really becomes a journey within itself.... (I will be sharing more about all that stuff in future posts fyi....) But for now...blessings are very much being counted...💜💜 and I am super pumped for the year ahead! 

bts and photos of girls night out launch bar rouge Singapore the wild side the wyld shop

theWYLDshop proudly kicked off 2018 with a double showcase at the Launch of Bar Rouge Singapore's Girls Night Out: The Wild Side on January 18th. We set up a Mini Pop-Up Shop and did 2 Fashion Shows!! We had 5 uniquely fun, fierce and fabulous #WYLDones - Gaby, Nicol, Aish, Paula and Citira walk the walk, strutting their WYLD stuff through a crowd of partgoers!! It was a crazy fun night!!! Full of racy conversations in the dressing room (aka the public bathroom) to random selfies with strangers who needed to use the actual bathroom, lots of stairs & stares, to cute on-demand James Bond Poses in the lift and of course the yummy free flow!! Thank you to Bar Rouge & their awesome team for looking after us!! 

The girls had their make-up done by Stella whom you can book through the beauty app called Vaniday and their crazy hair was styled by megababe Kate ( she also does makeup too - click her name to check out her work). 

They walked the first set to Demi Lovato's Confident in our latest collection of MINKPINK which is a #WYLDshowroom exclusive collection. So if you'd like to come check it out - you can book an appointment HERE

Then later during the night blasted through the club was Steve Aoki + Will. i AM's "Born to get Wild" where the girls killed it - wearing sexy, yet tasteful party dresses that fitted each unique body type to a tee! I just have to mention that only 1 of the WYLDones walking in our show is a professional model. Can you tell which one??  All 5 women are super kick ass chicks that dig our threads, who are uniquely beautiful, confident women who I am very proud to know. Click on their names to find out more about them. 

It's women like these 5 that continue to inspire the purpose of WYLD...

We are not prone to doing fashion shows, but GOSH they really are fun!! Hard work, but fun!! After seeing the pix of the night and looking back at all the #bts - it gave me a moment of realisation of how much I LOVE what I do. Did I mention before how incredibly grateful I am for my Family & Friends??? They make it possible for me to live the dream... the dream of building something... ...something that I can be proud of and hopefully one day my son will be too.....

In this day and age it's so important to acknowledge and chase your dreams..... 

I am insanely passionate about making WYLD a platform that encourages people to embrace their uniqueness, experiment with their style while being comfortable and confident. 

Apparently we only live once.....and I believe that YOU are the best source for your own happiness and want you to "Live WYLD live Free" with the confidence to dream and be who YOU want to be.

Thank you again for shopping with us, working for us....and with us, for all your love, support and encouragement! Hope 2018 is a killer year for EVERYONE!!

Love you guys too much!!! 

.♥ Kb xxx

click HERE to view ALL the rad pics from the evening. 



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