Are you a Healthy Human?? #RECAP The Wedge Asia Event



This was the question posed to me and approx. 30 others on the 31st January at The Wedge Asia's first event of 2018. Very subtly, very internally - meaning it wasn't an outright question that the audience was asked, but I felt its burn during the course of the event and in the taxi on the way home... the actual question of whether I was in fact a healthy human.... ???

This event had 3 key speakers from different corners of the health spectrum. First off was Health Coach Elika who is the proud owner of Kitchen By Food Rebel AND runs her own coaching business Elika Fit. She took us through some super simple yet important slides teaching us basically that Food is Medicine. She is super passionate about teaching and sharing the truth about nutrition and how we can incorporate and eradicate certain foods from our daily noms.

I felt quite proud looking at the list of "Foods essential to health" as I do consume 80% of the list regularly but then was feeling a little sheepish in my seat when confronted with the list of "Foods to Avoid" ;( "major sad face" DAIRYYYYYY NOOOO!!!!  however, as she went on to explain in a later slide that it is okay to think & act along the lines of the 80/20 Rule. So I felt better... I do know however, that I have needed to definitely cut back on the milk coffees to maybe 1 when I am out and about by switching over to a green tea or an Americano for the second caffeine hit.  Also cutting down to cheesy goodness once or twice a week....;((  Consuming an overload of dairy seems to be where I tend to indulge... Does this sound familiar??  

The Second speaker was the D-vine Mrs Liv Lo (aka Mrs Golding) who shared her very personal story about her health journey. Which started off with an exhilarating modelling career which was plagued by controlling people, fashion bullies (YES i KNOW..these people exist.. wtf?) bouts of eating disorders and self doubt which sent her on a downwards psychological & physical unhealthy spiral. 

She explained that there were two major changes she made as she knew something had to be done. 1. She looked at "Health as a lifestyle not a goal" and 2. "I had to change my mentors and people in my circle".

For some this may hit home pretty hard, because having toxic people in your life is a huge contributing factor to living an "unhealthy" lifestyle. It is imperative to have people in your life that build you up not tear you down. 

So Liv's discovery of this led her down a more positive path which opened her up to a whole new world of #selflove and today after 3 years of teaching yoga through Yoga Movement Studios she is the proud creator of Fitsphere which is a bodyweight workout program where all you need is YOU. 

Life is all but a journey and it really is the story that is important and how we learn and how we evolve to become the people we know we can be. As Liv said... "You need to do things for YOU", You are in control of your thoughts, habits and choices". 


The last speakers of the evening brought to our attention the realness of "Burning Out". Grace Clapham and Solonia Teodros, founders of The Change School gave the audience a little realty check with their slides... Sharing the 7 most common sources of career burnout. It's an issue which is not commonly spoken about but I believe should be. I have definitely suffered from this multiple times, and I am sure most times I didn't even know it was happening or if I did, I was in complete denial. Part of being a healthy human I believe now, is listening to your body, acknowledging things like "burnout" and taking the right actions to rectify and get back on track. 

The girls spoke about how "change is constant, as we grow change is happening and that we are always evolving". The major question to us was "What are our values?" and how do we align these values and connect to life. They had so many "relevant to my life" slides that I ended up taking pix of them all! So PM me if you want ALL or make an appointment with the girls if you are feeling physically and emotionally exhausted as it may be "time to examine your life". 

As an entrepreneur or (mumprenuer) in Singapore (who is attempting to do it ALL) it can be easy to slip into bad habits, unhealthy practices which can all lead to burning out. I left the event feeling inspired and thinking that I knew I could be healthier... Although I have made a pledge to myself  already this year to be more active and choose an exercise that excites me.. which I will save the deets of that for another post. So I won't be beating myself up for that extra cheese sandwich but what I will be doing is being more conscious of my health and commit to making healthier choices. 

This is just one of the many networking events that I attend in Singapore. I absolutely love these Wedge events, not even for the networking aspect but for the learning one. I get so much out of them. So if you are looking for some #lifeinspo make sure to like the Wedge Asia FB page for updates on their upcoming events. 

Thanks for you time WYLDones, hope you're having an incredible long weekend. 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Live WYLD live Free

Kb xx

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