Get Toned at Home: 6 Fitness Programs that you can do at your own pace.

kayla itsines health and fitness social media influencer

Okay WYLD ones... who is on the own little fitness journey this year??? Who is ready to kick 2018 into next Tuesday??? Who wants more energy for themselves, to do life better, to do life stronger with more guts and gusto than ever before?? But not sure where to start??

If you are saying me me me like a kid in class who has their hands up desperately wanting to answer the teachers question, here are 6 fitness programs to check out that might be a good source of #fitspo. They are workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home or take with you on the road.

Although Social Media poses loads of positive and negative connotations around fitness and body image, having workout programs at our fingertips that are fun and inspirational is definitely a positive. 

The only negative I can see with signing up to these types of programs is that if you tend to lack a little self-motivation and need a fitness buddy to get you moving this may pose a challenge. However, a challenge never hurt anyone. This may be a good time to try something different, you never know you might even enjoy it!! LOL

I think the beauty of these is the community. The coaches and trainers are able to provide a fitness solution that people can do at their own pace in the privacy of their own home but feel like they have a personal coach at the same time .These could work for the peeps who aren't a fan of gyms or working out with randoms and/or in public places, but have the "online" support whilst being part of a larger community of fellow participants.

These obviously aren't for everybody but one thing I love seeing is the transformations. Women and men who share their progress, their journey and their awesome results. This is what gets the fire burning for me! As someone who has been unkind to her body over the years and who hasn't exactly made her health a priority... I am inspired by people who I don't event know who are giving it a go and this year I am excited to be finally on a fitness journey of my own. 

Some women can be easily turned off by the glamourising of fitness but I am totally into it. I adore seeing all types of bodies as I scroll through insta, wincing and wowing. I love that people share raw, honest and visually stimulating content. But to each is there own and at WYLD we believe comfort is confidence. And we don't just associate this mantra with wearing clothes... but our bodies too. If you are comfortable in your own skin it gives you the confidence to kick ass in your life on a daily basis. Feeling good is looking good - not the other way around. 

So if your looking to change things up, add a component to your fitness regime, or you only have the time to work out at home cos you are busy Mumma or are just simply beginning your fitness journey. Give one of these programs a burl, they always have a 7 day free trial ( I think) so you can test out the workouts to see if they are for you! xx

Body Boss is an online and offline fitness program. Basically, with this regime you have the opportunity to improve your body within just 12 weeks. WTF? Well... it does say that you must adhere to the strict guidelines of the program!!!.... 12 weeks may seem doable for a lot of people... personally I think I may need slightly longer... but I think IF you stick to the program AND NUTRITION guide.. it could defo be possible!!! It's a one time payment which I like too!! Check out their Insta @bodybossmethod 


kayla itsines sweat with kayla fitness app

Well this fitness hottie is clearly taking the world by storm... not only are her pix full of #lifeinspo but her words I believe have a much stronger impact!! She is very very VERY honest, humble and passionate to and about her audience and makes a point that she is there to provide a positive source of #fitspo and it looks like she really has influenced and inspired loads of women ( and I am sure truck loads of guys too!! ) Well done Kayla Itsines!!!! Check out her insta for all the amazing transformations she shares as well as yummy meals she feasts on!!! #fitspo + #foodspo = #winning!!! Also OMG great news she is coming to Singapore for Fitness Fest Asia 2018!!! on 19th May - put it in your calendars!! Get tickets now!!


asana rebel fitness yoga inspired app

Okay so.... Dear Yogis and Yogi newbies, this is a fitness solution that takes you through workouts that range from 5mins to 24mins. They are yoga inspired workouts, so it might be best if you learn some basic poses of yoga first which can also be found on places like Youtube e.g YOGA for beginners before you start. I would also maybe recommend going doing a trial at a Yoga Studio if you are keen as beans to get some blood flowing through that gorgeous body of yours.  ( I will list some in a following blog post - so stay tuned). Also love that there is a dude to look at too ;))) Tats + afterfive shadow + hot bod = #winning ENJOY! 


kelsey wells fitness app wellness

Ummm hawtt sayyy whatt ??!! This WYLD Mumma is F I T..... She's a total #fitspo for me - she looks so strong and as a Mumma of a 2 year old - I love seeing her pics and vids where she includes her bubs... so he can witness her getting fit, strong and taking care of herself.  It really is something that is such a CHALLENGE for most Mums... lets be honest... we are tired AF most of the time and it really takes HUGE motivation to get moving some days... even though being a Mum requires moving your body regularly (aka like every second of the day)!!! I am super into copying meals from these SMI's (social media influencers) they make salads look like pots or bowls of golden goodness.... They present them so well sometimes you could just eat your phone!! LOL!!! Hope you enjoy checking out this stunna Mumma @KelseyWells and click HERE  for her online program. 


blogilates cassey ho fitness social media influencer

Introducing POWERHOUSE @CasseyhoYes you're welcome ;))) Seriously... I know I say seriously A LOT... but if you need some FUN #FITSPO IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW! Seriouslyyyy Check Cassey's Blogilates OUT!! She is just soooo cool and so hot and so inspiring.. Thank you LOO for sharing your knowledge of her with me! Love her pics, love her vids, love her workouts, love her quotes, love her quirky, fun and super chill personality.... basically just ♥ her BIG time...... Cannot wait to have a stab at her workouts for realz....  One of my fave vids is "Pillow Workout for 'Lazy' People" hahahahahah LOL!!!! This WYLD babe has all bases of #lifegoals covered. She even has her own LINE of athleisure wear!!! YASSS!!! check it out - Popflex Active . Truly her positivity and energy radiate through my phone!! 


anna victoria fitness app social media influencer

LOVE that this babe mentions that she loves wearing makeup but "thinks the natural look is just as beautiful. Not just for me personally, but on all women". #yasss ♥♥ SOOOO True...... I completely agree!!! Not to say that I don't adore women all dolled up because yes I totally do! But I like ala WYLD naturale ;))))) Anna Victoria  has had an amazing fitness journey and shares it so openly and freely with her audience and community of body lovers. It is sometimes hard to get into these fitness peeps because there are elements of their lives that we just don't resonate with but by looking @Annavictoria I think loads of people can relate to her story that is why she is super popular worldwide. She frequently shares transformations and the progress from babes in her community. As I mentioned... I love seeing these... they give me hope... I love my body (sort of) but DEFO know it could look A HELLAVA lot better!! So looking at chicks' shapes that are similar to mine, it totally motivates me to NOT eat that sugary cake or DO that extra work out.....!

We'd love to hear your feedback on how you found the workouts if you have had the opp to download and give them a gooooo - positive or constructive criticism most welcome ;)) Or please feel free to recommend more programs to us, we  NEED to know about them!!

I have just downloaded the Asana Rebel app - which I have done a couple of workouts... I feel I need to go back and re-visit my basic and hot basics yoga classes at Yoga Movement to feel more confident doing the poses at the instructors pace..... Nonetheless, I am enjoying the quick 5mins and 20minute workouts! I feel something is better than nothing!! Right?! Promised myself I would try and do at least 20-30minutes of exercise a day... even if it is taking Tiggah one of our WYLD Mascots for a walk or doing squats while giving bubs a cuddle 

Have a happy and fruitful weekend WYLDones! 

Live WYLD live free. 

♥kb xx




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