How to help migrant workers during the COVID crisis.

As we all know this crisis has affected every human on the planet in one way or another. Everyone is coping (or not) in their own way, and the only way they know how. 

One of my ways of personally coping among others is, I am always trying to find ways to find a positive angle on everything midst the heartbreaking global news. However, whenever there is news of tragedy, crisis, disasters or complete catastrophe local or global, there is always this beautiful evidence of human nature at its best. The kindness of humanity is displayed and people are seen running (sometimes literally) to the aid of others to help. It not only makes my heart smile, but gives me an injection of hope and instills in me that there is some real good in the world despite the grim circumstances. 

A close to home and relevant example of this is the recent outpouring of help for the migrant workers here in Singapore who are impacted COVID. Social Media sure does have an upside and I have seen on Facebook and Instagram ways that people are sharing on how to help. Please see below and and feel free to share. 

Hope you are all staying WYLD at home, not long now.... Stay Safe, healthy and happy xxx


This is Facebook page that has been created by a woman by the name of Dipa Swaminathan to spread kindness to the migrant workers of Singapore. It has been designed to increase the awareness of their circumstances and improve their lives.

As it seems, she has helped the workers to gain access to basic necessities during this time as well bringing to light issues that affect their daily lives as workers here in Singapore. She will be speaking at an event called Defining Social Impact - along with other changemakers who are dedicated to "Creating Community Change during Covid-19). 


This petition is aimed at Minister Josephine Teo to change a few main concerns in the current situation of Migrant Worker Dorms. These concerns include the current overcrowded living conditions and the ability to maintain social distancing within these dormitories,

Meals not being delivered on time, or in some cases at all, and workers not being able to leave their dorms to go and get food.

The inadequate number of masks and protective gear.

And the work/visa statuses of workers amid the current crisis. 

This petition hopes to change the Ministries allocation of services to specific dormitories and give a wider level of assistance to all foreign workers currently quarantined. 



Transient Workers Count Too is a service to help foreign workers in need if they are injured or abused by their employers.

They have set up this fund to assist workers to top up their SIM cards while quarantined in their dormitories, so they can still communicate with their families overseas. 


Migrant Workers Assistance fund 

The Migrant Workers Assistance Fund is a charity branch off the Migrant Workers Centre. Their aim is to help educate foreign workers of their employment rights in Singapore. 

They have set up this charity to provide meals for migrant workers while quarantined in their dormitories.


Hope Alliance Initiative 

The Hope Alliance Initiative is a collective force of social service organisations across all religious and ethnic background. Their aim is to provide a safe social service environment to all people regardless of race.

Their goal is to raise $80,000 to provide food, hygiene and internet connection to 20,000 foreign workers to help during this crisis.


Ray of Hope 

The COVID Migrant Worker Coalition was formed in April 2020, as a collaborative effort between social services groups with the aim of providing the basic needs and assistance to our foreign workers. 

They aim to raise $1,000,000 toward the following: 

The immediate needs of workers, including meals and basic necessities for those with limited access.

Providing strategies for workers to maintain their mental and physical health during this time.



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