How to Style: Bohemian

Are you a fan of a loose & uninhibited clothing style? Do you love to feel free, floaty and fabulous? Well this style is everywhere – commonly known as “BOHO” or “Bohemian”, inspired by the hippie movement of the 70’s. We see it on fashion blogs, magazines, TV and styled on our fave celebs at concerts; it’s an endless trend!! If boho babes like Kate Moss and Vanessa Hudgens OR the non-stop spam of Coachella pics haven’t given you enough inspiration; here’s our easy, breezy guide on how to look Bohemian!! :)


Swing Dress

Bohemian Swing Dress

Did anyone say “PRINTS charming”???

For boho style, you need the “go BIG or home” attitude when it comes to mix and matching prints!! Bohemian fashion is all about embracing bold, vibrant patterns – floral, paisley, Aztec and stripes. 

Modern-day bohemian continues to display fashion flashbacks with their uncanny resemblances to the retro, vintage 70s style. This is most evident in the dramatic bell sleeves, as well as, twirling swing dresses!!


Maxi Dress

Bohemian Maxi Dress

Oversized and relaxed; the bohemian style encourages self-expression, comfort and connection between world & nature. Nothing fits the bill like flowy maxi dresses that present an oversized yet nonetheless, flattering silhouette. They are dainty, refined and inexplicably beautiful in the most rugged and effortless way!!

Pair these goddess-like dresses with beaded sandals or straw wedges for a blissful day at the park or beach or even grooving through town!!



Bohemian Romper

Technically, rompers are not exactly the most boho choice of clothing…BUT with the proper selection of cutting and fabric pattern; you could still pull it off as a 10/10 bohemian outfit!!

First, find rompers that are creative with their neckline cuts – a sexy bandeau or a playful halter neck. Second, go for exquisite patterns like floral, aztec, tribal or even a mash-up of prints to further reinforce the carefree, unique nature of bohemian fashion!!

Just pair these rompers with knee-high gladiator sandals and sleek aviators for that fuss-free, casual look!



Bohemian Fringe Kimono

A true chic bohemian style relies heavily on layering, knowing how to mix & match wardrobe essentials with trending must-haves – such as a printed or plain bodycon paired with an oversized kimono.

For those just testing the waters, a kimono is the perfect way to show off any bohemian style AND it’s almost too simple for anyone (even the newbies) to get it wrong!! If you’re game, grab a fabulous, fast and fuss-free fringe-detail kimono and rock it with jeans, denim shorts or simply over a little black dress.

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