In light of the recent Happy Fathers Day on 19th June ’16, theWYLDshop wants to celebrate this precious day that honour fathers from all over the world as well. How else should we express appreciation than pay tribute to the hot daddies of Hollywood!!

These celebrity photos will (a) make your heart melt to bits or (b) fall even more (hopelessly and helplessly) in love with these hunks *jaw drops*


(1) Dwayne Johnson A.K.A The Rock

Dwayne Johnson

This 6’ 5” feet muscle machine has the toughest, most fearsome exterior in Hollywood. That’s why, when The Rock revealed his tender-loving side by carrying and interacting with the baby, it just makes us gush and “awww” in excitement!!

The drastic difference between the puny newborn and the hulk-like Dwayne makes the photo ever more hilarious but absolutely endearing.


(2) Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

I don’t know whose the star of this father-daughter relationship anymore…the NBA basketballer or the too-cute-to-resist Riley Curry!! Just watch any of their interviews and you’ll utterly melttt at such sweet interaction between the shy, soft-spoken daddy VS the loud, attention-commanding daughter *squeals*

 Stephen Curry must be one heck of an amazing father to raise up such precious daughters and still be crowned greatest shooter in NBA history. Mad respects!!


(3) Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Speaking of hot celebrities, Chris Hemsworth or better known as “Thor” is one name that can never be missed. I thought it was humanly impossible to make a baby carrier look cool... much less on a man. But this hammer-wielding god had defied all logic and proved everyone WRONG!!

This proud father of 3 is often photographed doing daddy-duties in his cool, nonchalant demeanour. Sometimes, placing his kids in a baby carrier; other times, stuffing them into a sling bag HAHAHA


(4) Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

This sexy ‘Magic Mike’ stripper and impressive ‘Step Up’ dancer is the man with the pecs and abs. However, Channing reinforces the statement “don’t judge a book by its cover” as seen from how his badboy appearance belies the actual fact that he’s a committed husband and an amazing father.

What a keeper!!! *swoons*


(5) Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively is one lucky wife!! In an interview with <<TODAY>> magazine, she shares that “[Ryan] does love the dirty work. He’s great and he’s so fun about it”. Who knew this talented actor cum producer would be such a pro-active father as well – changing diapers, bringing James on errands and other baby duties. Can I marry his doppelganger please?

On a side note, when did carrying babies in slings become a thing?? Not that I’m complaining… ;)


(6) Adam Levine

Adam Levine

I wonder how many hearts Adam Levine broke when he sealed the deal with wife, Behati Prinsloo in 2014??

But if you’ve moved on from that state of jealous sorrow, you would come to realise how insanely adorable this couple is!! Especially when the beautiful couple is expecting a 3rd family member VVV soon. Which officially makes Adam a daddy-to-be and evidently, he couldn’t be more excited!


(7) David Beckham

David Bechkham

Last but definitely not least, David Beckham. The star footballer of Manchester United anddd the star player of every females’ heart ;) This article on hot dads is literally meant for him as he reigns the undeniable and irreplaceable champ amongst Hollywood fathers.

A moment of silence as we take in the visual perfection before us and ponder one of life’s greatest mysteries…WHY THE BECKHAM GENE IS STRONG AS HELL?!?

Also, David’s dapper sense of style has rubbed off on his kids as well. A father that plays the role of a protector, teacher, confidante and even a fashion coach!!! (that’s what makes him no. 1 daddy celeb)



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