The Fabulosities Of What Goes Down At A WYLD Trunk Show

Last Friday night, 30 incredible ladies gathered for yet another fabulous WYLD trunk show. We had a pretty large crowd attending, so we decided to give the lovely ladies a pleasant surprise by bringing 10 racks of WYLD goodness. Yes, 10 racks! We included a sneak peak of two new collections from Indikah and Maidenlove, which has some gorgeous new silk pieces and floral printed swimwear.  On top of that we sprinkled in some amazing special sales like a 3 for $60 rack! The shopaholics literally went WILD!

 As a regular thing we team up with bottlesXO an alcohol delivery service who make it their promise to deliver within 60 minutes to wherever you are!! How awesome is that?! For our WYLD Trunk Shows we need a minimum of 10 guests and then BottlesXO can provide a free wine tasting for you and up to 20 friends!! They have a delicious well rounded variety of quality beers, red and white wines, prosecco and champagne. They make it so simple, all you have to do is download their app on your Iphone or adroid and VaVoom you can have booze conveniently chilled and at your door in under 60 minutes!! 

Another exciting add-on you can have at your WYLD Trunk Show to spice things up is to have Sex Geek and certified Sex Therapist Erin Chen, Founder of Lila Sutra hold a  'Blow His Mind" workshop.... I will let your minds do the walking!  By the end of the night guests were certainly well educated, slightly tipsy and on cloud nine from the retail therapy fix. It was yet another stunning fun-filled WYLD night with loads of laughter!! 



Thinking of hosting a WYLD Trunk Show?

At WYLD we’re all about having fun with fashion (food + bev of course! ) so what better way to hang with your Gfriends than a WYLD trunk show? The aim is to bring the shopping to you in style and comfort, allowing you to explore the fabrics and try on the garments. Instead of queuing in long lines, we provide a selection of exclusive styles from affordable, quality Australian high-street brands to shop from with personal styling available to you and your guests if they need it.  Wine + food + fashion = tons of fun and laughter!   


If you're thinking of hosting a WYLD Trunk Show - have a read of the ins and outs  HERE! And feel free to contact us anytime at or 8518 8620. Soon we will be adding a few more extras to your shopping watch this space. Keep informed with all the WYLDness HERE for our weekly news.

 On top of an amazingly fun shopping experience with your fellow WYLD babes, all trunk show hostesses will be rewarded with up to $100 worth of vouchers and 4 items at 50% off!!

 Well WYLDones, we hope to see you at our next trunk show for yet another fab night of shopping and fun! 

If you've ever attended or hosted one of our trunk shows, share with us your fave memory on Instagram and make sure to #theWYLDshop + #WYLDtrunkshow and we'll send you a Shopping Voucher!!

Hope you're having a Happy FRIYAY! 

Love, Shona

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